About us

Mullegow Digital Technology is a service provider and Software Company with a skilled and competent staff.

Mullegow digital technologies laid its foundation on 2009 with web hosting, and software development like SMARTCLINIC,  digital herbal, SMSTalk etc.., it hardware and software services, web based services, design and creative, desktop based application, SEO services, toll free services, payment gateway services, security systems and portals.

Mullegow digital technologies stringent plus point is to keep the skilled resources available with best skills and abilities employed to ride out the best results out of the organization. Being proven infrastructure wise, resource wise and financially developed clients gain the advantages of value-based solutions and services excellent staff and techniques.

Approximately 99% of Mullegow digital technologies customers reported being satisfied with Mullegow digital technologies (u) ltd and the services it provides. Our support is always available to hear our client’s issues.

We are licensed and regulated by Uganda communications commission to offer sms based services to our subscribers in Uganda

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide affordable, accessible, and streamlined ICT services to businesses, charity organizations, governmental organisation and the public. We have developed a system for offering many different types of services (Internet programming, Software Development, Information Systems, Mobile Computing and Multimedia) that are exclusively tailored to fit the needs and resources of our clients

  • To make a difference in everything we do.
  • To do everything on or before time.
  • To deliver quality & do more than what the clients expect.
  • To bring the power of our advice and the strengths of our relationships to create enhanced value and wealth for our clients.

Meet the Team

This is the team that building your dreams software and delivers within time and budget. Experienced and qualified personale


Mugabira Anthony

Founder & CEO

Software Engineering and Copyright Law Certification. Programmer and Startup management historical


Kamuli Patrick

Business Development Manager

Computer Science Graduate, Cisco Certified Engineer and Experienced System Administrator


Lubwama Enoch

Marketing and Product Manager

Experienced Software Marketeer, Software Engineering Graduate with a great eye on brands, Designs and UI

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